Tempered glass and smoothed iron bookcase.
Transparent matt finishing.
Color options: rough aluminium (RAL 9006), Dark micaceous iron, Flame red, transparent matt rust.

Rust / gold finishing.
Other colors by our sample.


Rex, in harmony with Mediterranea, is completely constructed in metal. The transparent satin painted finish highlights the material and the traces of workmanship, purposefully left as a tribute to the machining process. It is also produced with a particular treatment that creates a rust effect on the surfaces; once again with a transparent finish.

Dimensions: 250 cm. high, 270 cm. long, the shelves are 32 cm. deep, but the total space used is about 40 cm.


Variations of the standard composition:

  • Length adjustment of brackets and shelves for customized inclinations.
  • Different position of shelves from standard composition.
  • Height cutting and/or alteration due to lack of room space.
  • Transparent, tempered glass (instead of sanded as standard).
  • Space for TV furniture insertion: length adjustment of brackets and shelves for the two lowest shelves.

Interior design plan:



The cup wich rests on the floor is jointed and during installation it allows you to position the arch at the desired height.
The stretched steel cables support the cut glass shelves.

Possible Mounting Solutions for Mediterranea and Rex.

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